Incorporated in 1980 Our Business has been providing ‘special events’ cleaning, waste removal and waste management services to major sporting events, carnivals, concert and many other events for some 30 years. In the course of servicing these events The Business has amassed a wealth of experience which allows it to be extremely competitive, efficient and professional in its approach to the various shows, carnivals and events.

This experience translates to the client obtaining an excellent service with minimum disturbance to the event, its visitors, presenters and participants, whilst the cleaning duties are performed efficiently and skillfully in the background.

Our Business has been recognising the needs of clients and delivering exactly what the clients want within their desired budget, expanding the range of services keeping abreast of consumer trends which is an important part of business development.

We will address the following procedures, but not limited too, with your staff prior to commencing the cleaning and disposal of litter and waste:

Our Standard Targets are the following

  • Safety/Emergency/Hazards procedures and reporting
  • Cleaning Standards anticipated
  • Recycling programs
  • Behavior Standards anticipated
  • Risk management procedures
  • Dress code — clothing, footwear, eye protection, ID
  • Ear protection
  • Lost & Found procedures
  • Practising Sun Safety
  • Covid19 Sanitisation
  • Individual tasks and precise working locations & duties



We cooperate with all other contractors appointed by the organisers such as catering contractors, merchandising and corporate entities to ensure smooth operations for the event and will liaise directly with all contractors whose works are associated with the collection and disposal of litter and waste.