Established Down Under in 1980, our company proudly stands as a cornerstone in the realm of ‘special events’ cleaning, waste removal, and waste management services, boasting a robust three-decade legacy. With a seasoned track record catering to major sporting events, carnivals, concerts, and diverse gatherings, we’ve honed an unparalleled expertise, making us genuine Aussie event hygiene specialists.

Our journey epitomizes a commitment to excellence, seamlessly integrating our services into the heart of events with a “no-fuss” Aussie spirit. Drawing on extensive experience, we’ve perfected our approach to not only be competitive but exceptionally efficient and professional in navigating the intricacies of shows, carnivals, and various events.

The result? A harmonious relationship where clients experience top-notch service, ensuring their events, attendees, presenters, and participants remain undisturbed. Behind the scenes, our team executes cleaning duties with the precision and skill expected of true-blue Aussies, transforming potential logistical challenges into seamless operations.

Understanding and adapting to our clients’ needs are fundamental tenets of our business ethos. Over the years, we’ve expanded our service offerings, staying attuned to Aussie consumer trends and evolving to meet the dynamic demands of the industry. This forward-thinking approach has been pivotal in our continuous business development and embodies the resilient Aussie spirit.

At our core, we are waste-conscious, integrating sustainable practices like recycling into our operations. Committed to environmental responsibility, we prioritise waste management that aligns with eco-friendly principles, ensuring a greener footprint for every event we service.


At WILCLEAN, sustainability isn’t just a commitment; it’s our driving force. As event cleaning and waste management specialists, we bring a passionate dedication to environmental responsibility. From impeccable cleanliness to cutting-edge waste solutions, every service is infused with a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

Your Success, Our Priority: Unwavering Commitment.

At Wilclean, we stand unwavering in our dedication to your success. Our commitment goes beyond services; it’s a pledge to understand, anticipate, and exceed your expectations. With personalised attention and a client-centric approach, we ensure every interaction reflects our steadfast commitment to your satisfaction. Partner with us for a seamless experience where your goals become our mission.


In four decades of event cleaning expertise, Wilclean Event Services hasn’t just maintained cleanliness; we’ve invested in the communities we serve. As a proud sponsor at Willowbank Dragway and Cairns Show’s wood chop, and the visual arts at Gold Coast Show, we believe in giving back.

At Wilclean, we’re firm believers in supporting those who support us. Join us in creating cleaner, thriving communities together!